Winter 2016 Free LWP

Winter 2016 Free LWP 1.1.1

Beautiful snowy winter 2016 live wallpapers.

Live wallpaper of winter outdoors in vintage style.

Beautiful snowy winter live wallpapers. Lovely view of the street with fluffy snowfall, black old car and Christmas tree.

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- Great graphics, good functionality and easy to use.

- Animation speed control, smooth movement of background and more.

- Optimized for most android devices: smartphones, tablets, etc.

- Multilingualism and support the developer.


The application works on the LibGDX framework with Apache License v2.0.

This app is free to use and distribute for all users, but it ad-supported.

Winter 2016 Free LWP


Winter 2016 Free LWP 1.1.1

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